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Our Products

Curtain Walls Our  curtain walls will satisfy all structural and design needs while offering high levels of thermal insulation. The section we use include our own section MAC, and ALUMIL® section. We can also use other sections for curtain walls as specified by our clients.

Shop Fronts We provide both framed shop windows and frameless, tempered glass shop windows. For framed shop windows, the aluminum frame come in different thicknesses and colors.

Skylights Our custom-built, weather-tight skylights include a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the designs requested by our clients. In fact, we have manufactured skylights ranging from  one meter square units to Circular domes of Seventeen  meters diameter.

We offer both aluminum and iron skylights which come in single or double-glazing options. For aluminum skylights, we use the ALUMIL® section. Our single-glazed skylights use a polycarbonate resin such as LEXAN or PLEXIGLAS, while our double-glazed skylights use an upper layer of tempered glass and a protective lower layer of clear laminated glass.

Aluminum Cladding We are one of the pioneer companies in installing the new arctictural material of Aluminum cladding using the world wide famous French panels of Reynobond ® .

REYNOBOND ® is a composite panel consisting of thermoplastic compound core sandwiched between two precoated aluminum sheets .Bonding of the aluminum and the core is achieved by both chemical and mechanical action, thus giving REYNOBOND ® an extraordinary bond integrity.

REYNOBOND ®  provides an exceptional flatness quality together with a high corrosion resistance and has a very low coefficient of expansion. The material is easy to fabricate due to its lightness ,rigidity and shock resistance properties..

REYNOBOND ®  offers excellent mechanical properties and is lighter than steel and solid aluminum panels. REYNOBOND ®  weight is 3.4 times less than steel and 1.6 times less than aluminum.

Iron Products In Jordan, M. Annab & Co. is  considered a leader in manufacturing various wrought iron products including rails, gates, protective window grills, as well as numerous items of furniture such as chairs, tables, benches and beds. We offer a wide range of designs for our clients to choose from as well as producing items from designs provided by our clients.

In addition to wrought iron products, we produce a wide selection of fire-retardant doors ranging in color, design and size.

Accessories We offer a whole line of accessories which we import from manufacturers in Australia, East Asia, Europe and North America. These include hardware items such as hinges and door and window locks. We also offer a variety of cast-iron ornamental pieces, automatic gates, remote-controlled gate openers and wheels for doors and gates. We use different high-quality items of our own  and distribute them to the Jordanian market.

Alarm Systems In 1994 we expanded our services to include the installation and maintenance of alarm systems. Since then, we have become one of the main providers of this service in Jordan.  We are prepared to install alarm system networks for spaces ranging from small apartments, entertainment centers and manufacturing plants.

Automatic Gates We are the leaders in introducing and representing the biggest market share of automatic Gates in the local market. Due to long years of experience in this field, we guarantee to offer you competitive prices at the finest qualities and designs.     

Designs vary from:

Sliding Automatic Gates, Hinged Automatic Gates, Overhead Garage Doors,  Electrical Rolling Shutters, and Electrical Garage Barriers.

As part of our continuous support; our clients can be sure to find us at their service by simply calling us at our mobile maintenance car in no time and at no extra charge.