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Projects List

Movenpick Dead Sea Resort Hotel
Zara Center
Arab Land Bank
Dunes Club
Astra Plaza Complex
Queen Zein Hospital
Al Hussein Cultural Center
Sahawneh Building

Crwon Plaza Building
Four Seasons Hotel
Marriott Hotel - Amman
Sport City Building

> Successful Projects
Successful Projects

Joint Ventures

As part of our continuous effort to develop the products and services provided by M. Annab & Co., we have entered a series of successful joint ventures with several leading international aluminum and glass production companies. As a result, we are now the authorized manufacturers and installers of the Greek - ALUMIL® aluminum systems. we cooperated with the Saudi Arabian representative of the German aluminum company, Schuco International, in installing Astra Plaza Building - Amman.

Markets & Completed Projects

M. Annab & Co. serves a diverse market and our projects have ranged from providing products and services to small-scale residential units as well as large-scale buildings, high-rise towers, residential complexes and manufacturing plants.

In addition to an active  and growing presence in the Jordanian market, the company has been actively expanding its services to include markets outside the country. To date, we have established a presence in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, the West Bank and Italy.

Local Projects

Our list of local projects includes numerous important construction projects carried out in Amman and in other parts of Jordan. These include ironwork (wrought iron gates and protective windows grills) for the Amman Marriott Hotel, the Petra Movenpick Hotel and the cargo building and control tower of  the Queen Alia International Airport. We have carried out aluminum work for (windows, doors).


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